DIY (Do It Yourself) Valentine’s Gifts For Him

I know that Valentine’s day is one of those days that MOST men feel is a HALLMARK holiday! I totally AGREE but however we LADIES still like to be showered with extra affection on this day. Since times are hard for most, I thought it would be a great idea to post some DIY gifts you can make at home…that are inexpensive & most of all they are made by YOU…how much sweeter can you get. NOW LADIES I get that VALENTINE’S DAY is supposed to be for us (mainly) but that doesn’t MEAN you shouldn’t do something for HIM…if you don’t do gifts then make sure you are WEARING something sexy before bed…show your man a GREAT TIME & give him a THANK YOU he will never forget!

Trophy Coat Rack

(such a clever idea…especially for the sport fanatics & a great way to display trophies that collect dust.) You can also paint the wood, spray paint the trophies to get a little more funky with it…maybe MOD PODGE some sport clips from the newspaper. There are so many different ways to freak this one!

trophy coat rack


Sock Bouquet

(replacements for the socks the washer tends to eat). Or you can do boxers…even ties as well!

Sock Bouquet


Love/Memory Maps Picture Frame

(cute way of capturing memorable moments, you can use printable maps to create a collage (see below). Maybe where you 1st met, vacation spot, where you got married (if you are married), maybe where he grew up, went to school etc…you can either make it about you two or about him)

love maps



Up-cycled Necktie Camera Strap

(totally AWESOME for those men that are into photography!) This is a sure winner!

necktie camera strap


Homemade Beer Labels

(cute idea! six pack of his favorite beer/ale with little love notes. you can even keep the bottle as vases later on!)

homemade beer labels


52 Reasons WHY I LIKE/LOVE YOU Deck of Cards Mini Book

(totally inexpensive to make & how cute is this?!?!)

50 reasons why i like you book


Valentine’s Day, SHOULD Be EVERYDAY

From a woman’s perspective I totally get the MUSHY sentiments behind this day, but in all honesty you should feel LOVED everyday. If you are a GREAT WOMAN to your man, then he should be a GREAT MAN and appreciate you everyday. Not just on a HALLMARK CARD DAY like today, of course we all LOVE to be spoiled, wine and dined, taken out to the movies, flowers bought for us but these actions should never stem from a “it’s VALENTINE’S DAY” so I have to do it.

LOVE is not a holiday type feeling, it is a feeling that grows everyday. Especially, when you know in your heart that the person (your significant other) is the one. You (both men/women) should express your LOVE on a daily basis, it doesn’t necessarily have to entail a gift. It just means that you are taking the time, making the effort to let that person know…just how much you care for them.

Do you LOVE the person more today because it’s VALENTINE’S not at all, this day was MOST LIKELY made up by a WOMAN that was lacking LOVE…saying this DAY is the DAY a MAN should go all out for his WOMAN, I think it’s just crazy SH*T period!!!!

In my honest opinion I think it should be vice-versa, if a WOMAN has a GREAT MAN she should be wooing HIM on this day. Think about it besides Father’s Day (what if your MAN has no kids) what other DAY is dedicated to APPRECIATING A GREAT MAN? NONE, so why is that we WOMAN think that today is all about US? I personally think that WOMEN should make more of an effort on this day, especially if she has a GREAT MAN. Yes it takes a GREAT MAN to KEEP a GREAT WOMAN but I think we are far more appreciated than the MALE SPECIES.

For me materialistic things have NEVER mattered to me and/or flattered me, but knowing that my MAN has my back…when all odds are against me is what will make me NOT STRAY. Knowing my MAN is stronger than me and in my moments of weakness & can give me strength, is what will make me STAY.

Gifts can be bought at any time or any other holiday, but to give someone your HEART and truly LOVE them is the most precious gift of all.

However, shout out to all you LOVERS…may your day be filled with FUN & LOTS OF HUMPING!!! LOL

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