EXPLICIT: Mimi Faust’s SEX Tape!!!

mimifaustphotos94Well got damn! I mean to what extent will people go for fame & money. As a mother, I could NEVER agree to something like this…it’s NOT like you can hide from Google! What will her daughter think, when she sees this in the near future? I mean what kind of role model is this? Is money that tight? I don’t get this type of fuckery, whatsoever!!!

What kills me the most, is that she is quick to call Joseline a “HOE” but what’s she? I mean selling a “home made” sex tape ain’t “HOEISH”? I believe you are officially a THOT, Mimi — just in case you don’t know the meaning it’s THAT HOE OUT THERE…yes boo that’s ALL YOU!!!!

The sex tape entitled, “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta”, is set to be released in 6 days…watch the trailer below, it’s REAL!!! 



haha…he went in on this video! LOL…the chick in the video definitely resembles Joseline…how many trains does she ride though? It has a catchy HOOK & the beat is knocking.

“Said she wanna get to know ME, even tho she SMASHED DA HOMIE.”

“She wanna do it like some ANIMALS!”


The Ratchetness of Love & Hip Hop ATL

I just can’t with this damn show, it makes me LAUGH…first off Mimi why keep playing yourself & Momma Dee please learn how to spell. It’s a damn shame that these women subject themselves to be ridiculed over a petty check.

Michelle K is a bit crazy but I feel bad for her, because things like domestic violence or abuse for that matter are NEVER easy to move past. Rasheeda needs to mind her damn business & fix her marriage that is on the damn brink before she voices her opinion on a damn thing.

Benzino needs to get it the fuck together, he & Karrie are a hot ass mess. She needs to stop thinking she is perfect & if she really LOVES her man, then make his ass feel like he is a priority & not a damn option.

Stevie J is just useless but I cannot hate on him if he has two women being DUMB over him. He is not to blame if these women are allowing him to carry on between the two of them.

Joseline needs to understand why we’re there. Not to punch the s— out of each other, but to move forward, put it all on the table. And I don’t react well to punches so I had to get the f— out of there.” –– Steebie J (straightfromthea.com)

If you missed the episode last night click on the picture below.

B.I.C.T.H in that ORDER….mmmm

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