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Hi! *taps mic* My name is Veronica & I am a shop-a-holic. I love to shop, I know, I know what woman doesn’t! NO but seriously if it was a drug, I would have died from an overdose by now. I am head over heels in love with fashion, there are so LEVELS to this shit! Do I know the history of every designer, every cut, fabric or stitch no but I know what works! It’s not cute having a gap between the arch of your back/backside & the pant waistline, or a shirt hugging all the wrong areas, too tight, too big, too short, too long it’s all just a huge cluster faak. I don’t care what size you wear, if you’re short/tall, thin/average, thick/chubby, fat or obese finding what works for your body takes patience.

I was definitely a late bloomer to the more trendier look, I was a hip hop head growing up so Jordan/Nike kicks, sweats & fresh tees was what my wardrobe consisted of. As my body started changing & my curves became curvier I had to lose the baggy clothes & started wearing more “fitting” clothes. It took me a bit to really feel comfortable in my skin & own my look. My style works for me, works for my shape & most importantly I rock my clothes not vice versa.

I like to look good but being a single mother shopping can be a challenge. I hate having that spending guilt, so I like to shop knowing that I am not breaking my pockets. One morning I woke up & three words popped into my head “online clothing boutique”.  A few days later I sent a text to my girlfriend, Jamie, & asked her if she wanted to join me on this venture. She said “Yes!” & from that moment we hit the ground running.

Swanky Habits isn’t just another online boutique, our goal is to provide quality clothing at unbeatable prices. We want to empower the everyday woman to step her sexy up,  feed into their shopping habit without the guilty conscience. We want every costumer to feel like they are getting their money’s worth & feel like a million bucks!

Jamie & I understand having to work within a budget, we totally get it. That’s what sets us a part from the rest. Swanky Habits isn’t about marking up prices 5 to 6 times, we are about making you feel sexy. We want to inspire fashion ideas, give you a little push to step outside of your normality when it comes to fashion. Think of us as your personal stylist, need some outfit suggestions with your purchase, or have something from your closet you want to match with something from our store, no problem send us an email!

If you live within 15 miles of Sherman Oaks, CA & would like to host a party please email us at for more details.

Here is a little sneak peak…we launch next week! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @swankyhabits

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X2C “California Freshman” Mixtape Download

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Big ups to my boy Tailahr aka X2C, a new & upcoming artist, based out of Los Angeles, California. he just released his new mixtape “California Freshman”. All beats are original & definite SWAG  album for anyone who enjoys clubbing & real music overall. For more updates follow him on Twitter @X2Cmusic

A TRUE Believer

When I think…I constantly SMILE!!!

When I think of you I smile,
When I think of how you make me feel I smile,
When I think of our convos I smile,
When I picture your face I smile,
When I think of how sweet you are I smile,
When I think of your kind words & gestures I smile,
When I think of how talented you are I smile,
When I think of your touch & soft lips I smile,
When I think of your overall swagg I smile,
When I think of your sexiness I smile,
When I think of how God works in mysterious ways I smile,

I smile because he made our paths cross,
I smile because you are such a teddy bear,
I smile because you make me happy,
I smile because you are such an amazing MAN,
I smile because seeing you happy makes my heart melt,
I smile because you make me laugh,
I smile whenever I think of you,
I smile just knowing that you are apart of my LIFE,
I smile because I’ve found a friend for a LIFETIME,
I smile because you make me feel like a PRINCESS,
I smile because you truly are the sweetest thing!!!

I wrote this back in August 17, 2009, I wrote this for someone special, even though it didn’t work out he is & always will be a dear friend to me…I hope you know who you are still, because I damn near forgot I wrote this LOL!!!

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