PSA: Newsflash MEN!

Men please take notes!

Women DO NOT like men that are always kissing their ass! We don’t like a push over (because you seem weak in our eyes), not saying you can’t be nice just don’t get taken advantage of. We like the NICE ASSHOLES! You know, the romantic gentlemen that has no issue putting a woman in her place (when need be), the trick is to do so without making us feel like you’re in charge!

STOP trying to make everything PERFECT, because NOTHING in this life is PERFECT. It’s simple women are emotional creatures, we think things through because we need a sense of control. Men are the complete opposite, they are simple minded. It’s black or white with very little gray area for them. Unlike women who tend to complicate shit just because!

P.S. A woman is never 100% happy & we can’t explain why, so stop trying to figure it out! NEWS FLASH if we can’t put our finger on it, how can you?

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