I miss the 90’s…this is so so so so real for me right now, it’s crazy!!! Given we gotta switch out the she for he her for him & Queen for KING lol… I will never regret how I feel about you I just wish I could FORGET sometimes…because it would be so much easier, but friends first & friends always!!! You have seriously become a heartbeat to me…#mysmile (you know who you are)


Only Once In a Life Time

Every time I see your text  I smile,

Making my heart flutter a million beats per minute,

I picture myself in my birthday suite,

Kissing you while I use my tongue in an artistic style,

When I see your face,

I gasp for air as if I just ran a race,

I wish I could be held by you,

It would be like a dream from my point of view,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

The way you make me drip,

Is like a sunken ship,

It just isn’t fair that I am here,

What I would do so we could just disappear,

You have me OPEN, you really have no idea,

So I will make like Aaliyah,

Send you a 4 page letter,

Hoping you ain’t ever had anything better,

Got me feeling like a high school student,

Knowing I should be prudent,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

Some may say it’s wrong,

But I’ve never been one to prolong,

So I’m gonna take a LEAP,

Because I could give a BLEEP,

About being right because it feels so good,

Only if we could…








Say Hello To Twenty Twelve

As another year ENDS & another one BEGINS, it seems to always be bitter sweet sorrow. Just like years before there are happy & sad, great & bad, serious & funny times that come along within those 365 days.

We all have NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS, we all hope for a better NEW YEAR. We all want fortune, health, love, family & friends. We all part the past year with reminiscent memories of what we accomplished, the hurdles we jumped through, the battles we fought, the awkward moments, but most of all wisdom from our trials & errors.

As we go into the NEW YEAR I wanted to wish all of my LOVED ONES, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ACQUAINTANCES a very fruitful 2012.

I truly hope that all you set your mind to, will manifest into an ACCOMPLISHMENT(s)/GOAL(s)

I wish that you never feel unloved, may you always feel an abundance of LOVE

I hope that even your darkest days, always have some LIGHT shed

I truly hope your dreams to become reality, so you won’t have to pound so many pavements

I wish that you never loose FAITH, even when the odds seem grim

I hope you hold your head up HIGH, because 2012 is your YEAR to SHINE BABY

God Bless you all, with so much love, plenty of warmth, tons of hugs, a billion kisses, and never any judgement…CHEERS to a NEW YEAR!!!

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