Trust Is Just as Precious as Saying “I Love You”!

Recently I found myself in a situation that still hasn’t settled with me. It’s been over two weeks & it feels like as it just happened a few moments ago. I am HUGE on trust & I make this very clear to anyone that I deal with especially the opposite sex.

At times I think it’s my fault because depending on the vibes/connection I have with a person, I find myself trusting too soon. I mean damn must I run a background check these days? If I am HONEST with you, then I expect that in return. Unfortunately, some people don’t hold TRUST in such a high regard like I do.

I am NOT saying that I have NEVER lied because I have, however giving an excuse as to why you are late to work, or why you are taking a personal day etc…to me those are what I call white lies. Now those I maybe guilty of more than I am willing to admit (LOL). I just don’t play with people’s emotions, because I know what it’s like to be scorned (I have been hurt plenty & have hurt in return). There is NOTHING refreshing about being scorned, it’s a wound that takes its time to heal. A wound that you can be constantly reminded of in several different instances.

I am just so distraught over this particular person’s actions because I really thought we were friends. I already have trust issues as is, but when I call someone my FRIEND then I expect just that. Maybe I am wrong for expecting shit, or I just give too much with very little in return. I wouldn’t usually be this upset about the BS that happened a couple weeks ago, but I just cannot seem to move past this one. Just knowing that I wasn’t respected enough to be told the truth hurts beyond words.

No matter if I have forgiven this person or not I just can’t seem to forgive the fact that I was lied to. Especially after giving this person a fair warning to come clean & yet I was still lied too. The more I think about it the more elaborate the lie was, I just don’t understand how you say you care for someone but yet you do them so wrong.

Had to vent…for those that have/will read this thanks!




DOWNLOAD: J. Valentine & The Heartbreakers


Wooooooweeeeeee now this is R&B!!!

“You ain’t ever had anybody HIT the SPOT like ME” – J. Valentine

Valentine’s Day, SHOULD Be EVERYDAY

From a woman’s perspective I totally get the MUSHY sentiments behind this day, but in all honesty you should feel LOVED everyday. If you are a GREAT WOMAN to your man, then he should be a GREAT MAN and appreciate you everyday. Not just on a HALLMARK CARD DAY like today, of course we all LOVE to be spoiled, wine and dined, taken out to the movies, flowers bought for us but these actions should never stem from a “it’s VALENTINE’S DAY” so I have to do it.

LOVE is not a holiday type feeling, it is a feeling that grows everyday. Especially, when you know in your heart that the person (your significant other) is the one. You (both men/women) should express your LOVE on a daily basis, it doesn’t necessarily have to entail a gift. It just means that you are taking the time, making the effort to let that person know…just how much you care for them.

Do you LOVE the person more today because it’s VALENTINE’S not at all, this day was MOST LIKELY made up by a WOMAN that was lacking LOVE…saying this DAY is the DAY a MAN should go all out for his WOMAN, I think it’s just crazy SH*T period!!!!

In my honest opinion I think it should be vice-versa, if a WOMAN has a GREAT MAN she should be wooing HIM on this day. Think about it besides Father’s Day (what if your MAN has no kids) what other DAY is dedicated to APPRECIATING A GREAT MAN? NONE, so why is that we WOMAN think that today is all about US? I personally think that WOMEN should make more of an effort on this day, especially if she has a GREAT MAN. Yes it takes a GREAT MAN to KEEP a GREAT WOMAN but I think we are far more appreciated than the MALE SPECIES.

For me materialistic things have NEVER mattered to me and/or flattered me, but knowing that my MAN has my back…when all odds are against me is what will make me NOT STRAY. Knowing my MAN is stronger than me and in my moments of weakness & can give me strength, is what will make me STAY.

Gifts can be bought at any time or any other holiday, but to give someone your HEART and truly LOVE them is the most precious gift of all.

However, shout out to all you LOVERS…may your day be filled with FUN & LOTS OF HUMPING!!! LOL

Only Once In a Life Time

Every time I see your text  I smile,

Making my heart flutter a million beats per minute,

I picture myself in my birthday suite,

Kissing you while I use my tongue in an artistic style,

When I see your face,

I gasp for air as if I just ran a race,

I wish I could be held by you,

It would be like a dream from my point of view,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

The way you make me drip,

Is like a sunken ship,

It just isn’t fair that I am here,

What I would do so we could just disappear,

You have me OPEN, you really have no idea,

So I will make like Aaliyah,

Send you a 4 page letter,

Hoping you ain’t ever had anything better,

Got me feeling like a high school student,

Knowing I should be prudent,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

Some may say it’s wrong,

But I’ve never been one to prolong,

So I’m gonna take a LEAP,

Because I could give a BLEEP,

About being right because it feels so good,

Only if we could…









If I’m your star does that make you my universe?

I want to be one of your first & last thoughts each day,

I don’t ever want to feel pushed away,

You can be my WIZ, if I can be your WAND

Let’s cup the whole WORLD in our HANDS

If you promise to always make an EFFORT, I will always be WILLING

If you LOVE me, there is NO end there’s only a BEGINNING

Baby I will be your taste maker,

Your caretaker,

If you got ME, I got YOU

There is NO stopping us TWO

I will be the floating device you use to trudge through waters; in your weakest MOMENTS

If you keep me smiling,

I will keep you laughing,

If you keep me, I will cherish you for a lifetime,

If you care for me,

I will nurture you always,

Baby be MY motivation,

So I can be your inspiration,

Be my lifeline when I’m hanging by a thread

I can give you my word,

I will appreciate you to the END.

Everbody Has IT…

There’s just as many SCORNED MEN as there are SCORNED WOMEN…seems like when they find “THE ONE” they don’t know what 2 do w/ them due 2 past experiences…but we all have baggage, “SO BABY LET ME CHECK YOUR BAGS & PUT THEM TO THE LEFT!”

When I Care It’s HARD To Walk AWAY

When I said I LOVE YOU, You didn't turn AROUND...



I am not saying GOOD BYE

My feelings I can never DENY

But for now I need my SPACE

Before my feelings become a DISGRACE

I tend to over extend myself when I care too MUCH

So I revved up my gears & hit the CLUTCH

For once I am going to think about ME & not YOU

I am falling back in order to access VALUE

Where I need to be, where I need to GO

I am not saying I don’t care because truth is I DO

I am just afraid if I don’t take a step BACK

You will always continue to PULLBACK

You may never realize what you HAVE

All of who I am is what I GAVE

I am not mad at YOU

On the contrary I pray for YOU

I cannot say that I regret anything I have FELT

That wouldn’t be HEARTFELT

Because no matter how mad I get, I know what I feel is REAL

I just have to learn how to DEAL

They say that you find LOVE when you least EXPECT

You are most definitely a good PROSPECT

But sometimes you need to walk AWAY

In order to be appreciated by the one you want to meet HALFWAY

But all the bickering is getting so OLD

So BABY can we please jump over this THRESHOLD

-veezy M baby

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