Trust Is Just as Precious as Saying “I Love You”!

Recently I found myself in a situation that still hasn’t settled with me. It’s been over two weeks & it feels like as it just happened a few moments ago. I am HUGE on trust & I make this very clear to anyone that I deal with especially the opposite sex.

At times I think it’s my fault because depending on the vibes/connection I have with a person, I find myself trusting too soon. I mean damn must I run a background check these days? If I am HONEST with you, then I expect that in return. Unfortunately, some people don’t hold TRUST in such a high regard like I do.

I am NOT saying that I have NEVER lied because I have, however giving an excuse as to why you are late to work, or why you are taking a personal day etc…to me those are what I call white lies. Now those I maybe guilty of more than I am willing to admit (LOL). I just don’t play with people’s emotions, because I know what it’s like to be scorned (I have been hurt plenty & have hurt in return). There is NOTHING refreshing about being scorned, it’s a wound that takes its time to heal. A wound that you can be constantly reminded of in several different instances.

I am just so distraught over this particular person’s actions because I really thought we were friends. I already have trust issues as is, but when I call someone my FRIEND then I expect just that. Maybe I am wrong for expecting shit, or I just give too much with very little in return. I wouldn’t usually be this upset about the BS that happened a couple weeks ago, but I just cannot seem to move past this one. Just knowing that I wasn’t respected enough to be told the truth hurts beyond words.

No matter if I have forgiven this person or not I just can’t seem to forgive the fact that I was lied to. Especially after giving this person a fair warning to come clean & yet I was still lied too. The more I think about it the more elaborate the lie was, I just don’t understand how you say you care for someone but yet you do them so wrong.

Had to vent…for those that have/will read this thanks!




Only Once In a Life Time

Every time I see your text  I smile,

Making my heart flutter a million beats per minute,

I picture myself in my birthday suite,

Kissing you while I use my tongue in an artistic style,

When I see your face,

I gasp for air as if I just ran a race,

I wish I could be held by you,

It would be like a dream from my point of view,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

The way you make me drip,

Is like a sunken ship,

It just isn’t fair that I am here,

What I would do so we could just disappear,

You have me OPEN, you really have no idea,

So I will make like Aaliyah,

Send you a 4 page letter,

Hoping you ain’t ever had anything better,

Got me feeling like a high school student,

Knowing I should be prudent,

I truly believe that it’s only once in a LIFE TIME,

That you find your partner in CRIME,

Some may say it’s wrong,

But I’ve never been one to prolong,

So I’m gonna take a LEAP,

Because I could give a BLEEP,

About being right because it feels so good,

Only if we could…









Some friendships last a lifetime,

These are the FRIENDS you don’t have to see everyday,

You don’t need to exchange words every other hour,

Just to know you are on their minds,

There’s NO expiration date until you expire from LIFE itself,

Some friendships are like SEASONS, they change for a REASON,

They can be our beach towel on the sand, our SPF to protect us from UVA rays,

They can be our umbrella when it rains,

They can be our scarf; when it’s cold outside,

But just like seasons come & go,

So does their purpose,

If it stops raining; you don’t need an umbrella,

If the sun stops beating down; there is no need to hit the beach and/or pool

If it’s not cold outside no need to bundle up,

So like seasons change, make sure to update your wardrobe accordingly,

There’s NEVER a reason to hold on, when you have been let go!!!

Just Because…Doesn’t Mean

Just because I may not call you everyday

Doesn’t mean I don’t miss our conversations

Just because I may not send you text messages and/or emails everyday

Doesn’t mean I don’t think of you

Just because I am not that friend I may have been 5 years ago (when life was less hectic)

Doesn’t mean my LOVE for you has lessened

Just because you don’t seem me physically like you used to

Doesn’t mean I am not there, I am always here for you

Just because I may not say “I MISS YOU” out loud

Doesn’t mean I don’t

Just because we are on different paths in our lives

Doesn’t mean we cannot find a middle ground

Just because we have said hurtful things to one another

Doesn’t mean we can’t forgive each other

Just because we have drifted a part

Doesn’t mean that we can never be close again

Just because I am who I am

Doesn’t mean you can’t be who you are

Just because I F**KED up

Doesn’t mean you haven’t either…

Because we are who we are, we have traveled many long roads as ONE. Somewhere along one of those paths, we went our own separate ways. We have GROWN UP & have GROWN APART but because who we are & what we have shared, I know we can find our way back AGAIN!!!

This is dedicated to anyone that has had ups & downs in “friendships”. TRUE FRIENDS will always go to battle for you, even when you feel like the WAR is over. -veezy M baby

Return of the Mack

This goes out to my HOMIES (15+ years in the making) (Kendra, Lindsay, Habit, Conchie, Abnormal, Benji, JoVaughn) this reminds me of the good old days, when life was EASY…when drinking MAD DOG & THUNDERBIRDS with grape flavored kool-aid was the BIDNESS…when DJ HABIT used to have our SUMMERS cracking, with house parties every weekend…He’d come with a full ENTOURAGE in tote, when he spun back in the day…ahhhh man I heard this on the RADIO this MORNING & had to write this up…just to let ya’ll know that no matter if I don’t see or talk to you guys everyday; the love I have runs deeper than any form of water…the memories that I have shared with ya’ll will never be forgotten…so here is too many more years!!! Damn theme days where working minimum wage CUT IT lmao!!!


J aka Mozz

I don’t even know where to BEGIN with you, there are NOT enough words to ever thank you for what you have done…you are an amazing FRIEND & I thank God for letting you into my life…you have shown me so much, I know that I don’t always say it or show it…but you mean more than you know to me, I don’t know where I would be without you at times, you have a heart of gold (precious)…you have a way about you, that is just so sweet in all regards…you LOVE hard just like I do & may be that’s why I am so fond of you…I know we bicker from time to time & want to smack each other upside the head…but at the end of the day it’s always love!!!

I know that I am NOT the easiest person to deal with, I know I am moody but you know that NO matter what…I will always have your back, through thick & thin…all I want for you in life is to be happy because that’s what you deserve…just like you tell me all the TIME, I deserve for someone to give me the WORLD & more…well my FRIEND you do too, you are genuine & sincere with your emotions…something MOST men find hard to do, but with you it comes so natural…and between me & you (well now everybody that is reading this) you don’t NEED to do EXTRAS…anyone can see what a TRUE SOUL you are & if they can’t see the beauty I see in you, then FA GET ‘BOUT ‘EM (in my ITALIAN voice)…always remember your an EAGLE!!!

I love you to the heavens & back…you have me choked up writing this blog right now…because NO ONE knows just how much you have been there for me…even when I have pushed you away, you refused to stay away…when I was mad, you made it a point to prove to me just how much you care…I really cannot say I have ever had anyone do that for me…and you’re right I loved my BEAR lol!!! I don’t think I ever admitted that to you, because you probably would have said “SEE I TOLD YOU, HONEY” haha!!! I am not the greatest with expressing myself vocally (unless I am PISSED); so I had to take this time to tell you that I APPRECIATE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I ADORE YOU, I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU, I AM BEYOND THANKFUL TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE, I AM HONORED TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND, YOU ARE MY FAMILY ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!


Just Different…

I feel like I am being TESTED…I know I have either posted this on Twitter or Facebook a million times by now, but I just can’t keep letting this eat me inside…so I decided to write about it…I won’t get into details as it’s NO ONE’S business…but I do want to express to everyone, when you come across a PERSON that is genuine; you should never take it for granted…yes I know easier said then DONE but in the past couple of weeks…

I feel that my GENUINE ways have become somewhat a downfall, a flaw of my character if you will…they say that you should TREAT others the way you want to be treated; but in actuality it’s a FALSE statement…because people are DIFFERENT it’s not a BAD or GOOD thing, they are just DIFFERENT…so if someone isn’t from the same CLOTH as you, you CANNOT expect that person to treat you the same as you would do them…does this mean they are ignorant not at all, it just means they are DIFFERENT…

We all handle LIFE in our own ways, some workout, some write (like ME), some sing, some cook, some dance, some cry, some yell, some do absolutely nothing; they just hold it all in…there is NO wrong/right, there is NO fault…it’s just the way people were made up, they are DIFFERENT…being DIFFERENT is what makes this world so unique, no two people are exactly alike, not everyone will share your same thoughts, views, inspirations, or see your ambition…the challenge is accepting the DIFFERENCE in the people that you encounter…as for ME, it’s hard to let it go because I don’t open my SOUL to many people…

It’s made me accept the things that I cannot change, but it has given me the WILL to better myself…in all honesty in away it has made me VALUE my capabilities for loving  & caring…something that I thought I had given up on, it had been so long since I had done so (open up)…unfortunately it was wrong timing, but at the end of the day…I am still standing, one moment of weakness cannot take a LIFETIME of molding myself into an exceptional WOMAN away…just means that I need not to LOOK!!!

“When you LOOK is when you FIND what you WANT, it’s WHAT you WANT that will find YOU!” -veezy

Couldn't of said BETTER myself!!!

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