If I’m your star does that make you my universe?

I want to be one of your first & last thoughts each day,

I don’t ever want to feel pushed away,

You can be my WIZ, if I can be your WAND

Let’s cup the whole WORLD in our HANDS

If you promise to always make an EFFORT, I will always be WILLING

If you LOVE me, there is NO end there’s only a BEGINNING

Baby I will be your taste maker,

Your caretaker,

If you got ME, I got YOU

There is NO stopping us TWO

I will be the floating device you use to trudge through waters; in your weakest MOMENTS

If you keep me smiling,

I will keep you laughing,

If you keep me, I will cherish you for a lifetime,

If you care for me,

I will nurture you always,

Baby be MY motivation,

So I can be your inspiration,

Be my lifeline when I’m hanging by a thread

I can give you my word,

I will appreciate you to the END.

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