I don’t know if this is going to work in your favor Robin. You get caught cheating, Paula leaves you & you think that naming an album after her will make it all better? Just wondering because I know it wouldn’t smooth things over with me. He took “desperation” to a whole new level with his new video entitled, “Get Her Back”. He looks as if, he was crucified with blood & tears running down his face, and texts prompts throughout the video. I feel for him to an extent but then again I don’t…you should know by NOW a million hoes aren’t worth ONE loyal woman!

Should Paula give him another chance? Would you?

AUDIO: Greek “Apollo Kids”

AUDIO: BeastBoyLoco F/K/A Kash Banks

This young aspiring artist has a new EP he is currently working on entitled “Codename: Beastly”, check out his soundcloud! Follow his journey & make sure to follow him on Twitter @savagegangbeast

North Miami rapper Prez P presents the music video for “Celebration”, the new Ear DrummerZ-produced single from his new album The Ambiance featuring Glocky Davis, Ransom Note, J Nics and Rell Burgandy as well as production from Nuez, The Ear Drummerz, Mr. Maneuvers, DT Spacely, Ronny J, RAH, MVSIC, Sir Flywalker, Kenneth Cartel, Green City, Eccentric Music, Squareboogie and Danny Dee. Prez first emerged onto the underground rap scene in Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with their mixtape 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In Da RV. That record was followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool Da Campilation and VII Day Vacay, which was voted 2012 Mixtape Of The Year by the Miami blog the305.com. Miami New Times recently named him one of the Top 10 Miami Rappers On The Comeup (see article). The Ambiance is available for free download now at DatPiff.

Currently, Manchild Jones is in the process of putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut album. The album, entitled “In Due Time”, is due to be released in the summer of 2014, and features the single “Get My Mind Right” which is currently available worldwide through TuneCore.

Manchild Jones was born Daryl Jones II, on December​ 3, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA. Manchild was exposed to music at an early age because his father is a musician. His father is a bassist who has played with such acts as Billy Preston, Lakeside, and Donald Byrd. This was a major influence in Manchild’s life. Aside from his “Pop”, Manchild’s influences range from legends such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, to Big Daddy.

Manchild Jones has been performing on stage since the age of 8, and at the age of 17, he was the first artist to be signed to a recording contract on 45 Pro Records (an independent company formed by Paul Allen, who is currently an executive producer on the reality show “R&B Divas”) During this time, Manchild’s single “One Man Syndicate” was placed in the top 30 hip hop charts of Hits Magazine at #16. The single also had multiple spins on Power 106’s Friday Night Flavor show, and 92.3 the beat’s Soul Assassins show in L.A. Copies of the single sold out of stores such as Fat Beats, Stacks Vinyl, and Hollyhood Hip Hop. Since the company dissolved, Manchild has been recording and performing as a freelance artist. More recently, Manchild’s music has had multiple spins on 88.7 FM KSPC which services the Greater Los Angeles Area. The single “All Alone” charted at #1 on KSPC’s Hip Hop top ten. Check out his website www.manchildjones.com


iLL Vibe Records: Darryl Jones (818) 479-1173

I will definitely have to say that this kid, X-Phaze, is very creative, clever & I like his style. His style is different, which I know in some cases doesn’t work but for him it does. Love that at a ripe age of 17 he is crafting & honing himself as an artist. He is from Mendham, New Jersey and currently has a single called “Pretend” which just came out last week. His previous single was entitled “Hooligan” which is available on iTunes but you can find him on Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody & more. Make sure to check him out & follow him on Twitter @X_Phaze

Just in case you are wondering what his name means;

“X” resembles the unexpected and the anomalous. It is the unknown, the winner of the loser brackets, and the outcast of the in-crowd. It is a variable that seems as if it has no vitality. When the true meaning is discovered it is, in fact extremely powerful and leaves a person oblivious of what to expect.

“Phaze” signifies phases encountered throughout life, that fuse together with the inability to be fazed.

Contact Information:






Chris Brown Goes To Rehab!

Seems like C. Breezy took a play from Lohan’s book. Apparently, the singer opted rehab in order for him to get some “insight” on his past/more recent behavior. Same stint Lindsay Lohan pulled when she was having her issues with the court system & trying to avoid jail time. He was arrested on Sunday for an assault charge, which basically put him in the got to jail zone. What are your thoughts? Do you think he is really seeking some type of “insight” or do you think he is just scared of jail? Will the Judge think he is on his way to recovery & not feel fit to send him to jail? Hmmmm…we shall see when Chris returns to court on the 20th of November for a status hearing of his probation.

CNN reports — Chris Brown is reaching into Lindsay Lohan’s playbook for avoiding jail: Go to rehab before your court date. The singer’s arrest Sunday on an assault charge put him on a path toward a possible prison sentence, but he will be in a rehabilitation facility as his next court date approaches.

“Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility,” said a statement Tuesday night from his representative. “His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point.”

There has been no indication that Brown, 24, has a substance abuse problem. The behavior that has landed him in legal trouble over the past several years has been anger management. Brown’s brutal attack on former girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the Grammys in February 2009 resulted in a felony domestic violence conviction that carried a lengthy probation period. A judge found him in violation of that probation in August because of discrepancies in proving he fulfilled the court-ordered 1,400 hours of community labor. He imposed another 1,000 hours of work.

The Los Angeles County district attorney appears in no mood to cut Brown any breaks, which suggests that prosecutors will ask for jail time for him because of the arrest early Sunday in the shadow of the White House. While the simple assault charge in Washington is a misdemeanor, it could trigger a probation revocation. Brown is in a vulnerable position. The Los Angeles judge overseeing his felony probation could order him to complete as many as four years in prison for the beating of Rihanna if he is found in violation of probation.

Brown is due in a Los Angeles court on November 20 for a probation status hearing. Prosecutors have declined to comment on if they will seek to put him behind bars. The U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia charged Brown and his bodyguard with simple assault for a brawl over the weekend in which a 20-year-old Maryland man suffered a broken nose. Brown spent 36 hours in a Washington jail and was taken to court in shackles Monday afternoon. He was released and ordered to report to his California probation officer within 48 hours.

The probation officer’s job is to prepare a report for the Los Angeles judge who will decide if Brown will be found in violation of his probation. Going to rehab — as his rep said “to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior” — could allow Brown lawyer Mark Geragos to argue that the entertainer is getting proper help for his core problem.

The statement from Brown’s rep did not disclose where the singer is going for rehab, how long he intends to stay, or what might be a “healthier vantage point” for him.


CNN reports — Singer Chris Brown and a bodyguard were arrested Sunday morning and charged with felony assault, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department said.

The arrest could have serious legal consequence for Brown, 24, since he is serving probation for the felony domestic violence conviction relating to his 2009 attack on former girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown and bodyguard Christopher Hollosy allegedly attacked a man with their fists outside the W Hotel in downtown Washington at 4:25 a.m. Sunday, police said.

The police incident report obtained by CNN identified the alleged victim as Isaac Adams Parker, 20, of Beltsville, Maryland. Parker did not immediately respond to a CNN call for comment.

Parker told police that he tried to jump into a photo that Brown was posing for with a female fan on the sidewalk when the singer said, “I’m not down with that gay s–t” and “I feel like boxing,” the police report said. Parker said that Brown then punched him in the face with his closed fist, the report said.

Who Is Jabari Odom?

598769_10152525423281988_111242560_nJabari is an upcoming choreographer, who is originally from from St. Luis. He started his career in dancing when he attended a performing arts high school. In 2003 he made it to the top ten finalist on the Wade Robinson Project show, which is when he decided that LA would be his next move. He took the plunge in 2006 & packed his belongings to make his dreams come true in Hollywood.

He joined Millennium Dance Complex in 2007 where he began teaching kid’s hip hop classes & also would sub in the adult classes. This talented young man has worked with artist such as Ginuwine, Trey Songz, Prima J, MC Lyte, & toured world wide with the Twerk Queen aka Miley Cyrus. In 2008, along side the Flos Angelos dance company, they won 1st place in the USA Hip Hop Championship against Kaba Modern.  He has done commercials for Coca Cola, Kool-Aid, has starred on SNL as President Obama & Disney as well. Check out some of his work!!!

He currently teaches at Debbie Reynolds & Millennium, he also does private lessons etc. Make sure to tell him SXYVEE sent you….he might give you a discount! XOXO #showsupport #payitforward #itsamovement

Make sure to follow him on the following social media sites:

YouTube: stldancer

Twitter: @stljabari 

Instagram: @stljabari 

Facebook: Jabari Odom

Booking Information: 

Email: stldancer19@gmail.com

Phone: 818.255.8965

ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Chuck Mason “Summer’s Eulogy” LP

Make sure to support @ChuckMasonMusic by downloading his newest LP entitled “Summer’s Eulogy

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