Young ChefAs a parent I am BURNED out on party planning. My son turns 8 this year & I have finally decided to do something low key for once. In the past years I’ve planned everything from a carnival themed party to a safari themed party. I am over spending too much money, creating party favors that will get thrown away & invitations that get tossed in the trash!

I was recently hired to cater/create an EGG BAR (made to order) themed menu for a baby shower. A couple of little girls asked me if they could crack the eggs & help me out. As they were helping me one of the little girls asked me if I would do her birthday party. She wanted to invite her friends over & have them cook with me…I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

So I decided to launch a website catered to LITTLE CHEF PARTIES for kids! I created a couple menu/cooking themed packages to teach little chefs, quick & fun recipes they can practice/make at home with their parents. What better way to express my creative outlet & love for kids. As a certified chef for over 10 years, I love teaching people tricks of the trade. Why not start them young?

Please note the menus can be altered for allergic and/or dietary needs (additional costs may apply). If you have a theme, I can create a menu/cooking theme accordingly. I also offer personalized party favors and/or invitations, I am your one stop shop! As a parent I totally understand staying within a budget & not wanting to over spend.

For additional information on the packages go to


LOVE WINS!!! Victory in the Name of LOVE

This is a proud day for the gay community!!! I couldn’t be happier & am most definitely proud to say that I support SAME SEX marriage. Who am I to say who a person can and cannot love? LOVE is blind, it doesn’t see color nor does it see sex gender…all it knows is what the heart feels! Congrats on a tremendous victory to all!

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LA Times reports — WASHINGTON – With a victory in the Supreme Court now behind them, backers of same-sex marriage declared a new goal Monday – a five-year campaign to strike down the laws in the remaining states that prohibit such unions.

The legal trail that led from the passage of Proposition 8 to its invalidation took five years, Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told a cheering group of supporters massed on the sidewalk outside the Supreme Court Wednesday.

“Within five years, we will bring marriage equality to all 50 states,” he pledged.

Achieving that goal would require a return trip to the Supreme Court. First, however, the campaign will unfold in legislatures and ballot initiatives, said Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom to Marry and a leading strategist in the marriage-equality campaign. Gay rights groups hope that if enough states adopt laws allowing same-sex marriages, the Supreme Court will be willing to overturn the remaining statutes, much as it did in 1967 when it struck down laws that banned inter-racial marriages. FULL STORY

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I Can’t Really Call IT!

ImageEver feel like something is wrong but you just can’t put your finger on it? I can’t really say “how I am feeling” outside of that I am feeling some type of way. Could it be that I transitioned into a new job & everything seems so damn foreign to me? I went from an environment of security to feeling a bit insecure in my new endeavors. It could just be the ultimate feeling of “fear”, but fear of what? Fear of not succeeding?

I am just confused, I don’t know how to feel. Therefore, not sure how to solve my problem, the factors are all there but I can’t seem to fit them into an equation. I know one thing is for sure I am NOT doing what I am destined to do. This CANNOT be the path the good Lord had in store for me, a stepping stone to being on my way YES! I refuse to think this is what I am supposed to do for the rest of my life; to be at someone else’s beckoning call, YEA NO THANKS!

Don’t get me wrong I am extremely grateful for having a job, but I just can’t help but to feel that this isn’t exactly the PLAN he had in store for me. Did I jump the gun to quick? Should I have waited out my old position? There are SO many “I shoulda/coulda’s”it would take me a lifetime to list them ALL!

My starting point is ME and so is my ending point…how it ends is how I start! That being said I have decided to FOCUS on what I WANT from this LIFE…not what this LIFE can give me. I don’t have the patience to wait on LIFE. Therefore, I am taking what belongs to me, I will NOT lose my faith & even though I do NOT understand how I am feeling, I trust the good LORD will deliver me from this rut. He will take my hand & lead me to the next plateau.

I have been told, I have read, I have heard that the BIGGEST challenge to keeping Faith is to BELIEVE even when you don’t understand. I definitely DO NOT understand because at the moment I CANNOT find the words to describe the anguish I feel deep down. I am certain of ONE thing for sure, no matter how great my anguish is the LOVE of Him is far greater. I have Faith He will deliver me. I am letting go & letting God!



How Much Can One Really Handle?

This week has been an extremely emotional one for me & it’s far from over. I got word that my Uncle Alex passed away on Tuesday morning & I just received an email a little bit ago informing me that my friend’s father had to have his leg amputated. Not only did he have to suffer through that but it seems like there is some sort of toxin attacking his stomach & had to go into surgery a little over an hour ago.

I am usually the stronger person of the bunch, but this week is a week that I wish I could be weak. I don’t want to be strong, I don’t want to be the ear that listens, I don’t want to be the shoulder that is cried on, I just want to be the weak link just for once. It’s not always easy being strong, because in moments like this we strong ones need to be able to feel vulnerable.

I have prayed for strength for my friends/family/loved ones that have either suffered the loss of a loved one and/or those that are facing tremendous medical issues. I am a true believer that the good Lord doesn’t ever give us more than we can handle.

Even though in the midst of turmoil it may seem like what we are facing dead on is never ending. There is always light, when things are dark. The task at hand is not losing focus of the light that is yet to be shed. In the darkest moment, you shall always shine…where there is a will there is always a way.

Sometimes…I Just Want To Walk

so far, that I can’t be seen in the darkest hour

or at least be able to hit a reset button

the moment that something ticks me off, I should have a PAUSE button to hit

a REWIND button to press & re-record button to start again

given I know this isn’t possible but it sure would be nice

I feel that some days I am pushed in ways I didn’t think I could be

it could just be that I give too much of myself

expect little in return, when I should expect the same in return

everyone wants something but no one is willing to give

like vultures they just take, take, and keep on taking

maybe it’s that I am too passionate about most of the things I do

I don’t see anything in black & white

it’s always in color, could that be my downfall?

or maybe it’s because I am set in my ways

I don’t know nor do I really care to find out

all I know is I wish I could have a REMOTE CONTROL to my LIFE

because I could sure rewind today & start it all over


Say Hello To Twenty Twelve

As another year ENDS & another one BEGINS, it seems to always be bitter sweet sorrow. Just like years before there are happy & sad, great & bad, serious & funny times that come along within those 365 days.

We all have NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS, we all hope for a better NEW YEAR. We all want fortune, health, love, family & friends. We all part the past year with reminiscent memories of what we accomplished, the hurdles we jumped through, the battles we fought, the awkward moments, but most of all wisdom from our trials & errors.

As we go into the NEW YEAR I wanted to wish all of my LOVED ONES, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, ACQUAINTANCES a very fruitful 2012.

I truly hope that all you set your mind to, will manifest into an ACCOMPLISHMENT(s)/GOAL(s)

I wish that you never feel unloved, may you always feel an abundance of LOVE

I hope that even your darkest days, always have some LIGHT shed

I truly hope your dreams to become reality, so you won’t have to pound so many pavements

I wish that you never loose FAITH, even when the odds seem grim

I hope you hold your head up HIGH, because 2012 is your YEAR to SHINE BABY

God Bless you all, with so much love, plenty of warmth, tons of hugs, a billion kisses, and never any judgement…CHEERS to a NEW YEAR!!!


Some friendships last a lifetime,

These are the FRIENDS you don’t have to see everyday,

You don’t need to exchange words every other hour,

Just to know you are on their minds,

There’s NO expiration date until you expire from LIFE itself,

Some friendships are like SEASONS, they change for a REASON,

They can be our beach towel on the sand, our SPF to protect us from UVA rays,

They can be our umbrella when it rains,

They can be our scarf; when it’s cold outside,

But just like seasons come & go,

So does their purpose,

If it stops raining; you don’t need an umbrella,

If the sun stops beating down; there is no need to hit the beach and/or pool

If it’s not cold outside no need to bundle up,

So like seasons change, make sure to update your wardrobe accordingly,

There’s NEVER a reason to hold on, when you have been let go!!!

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation – Nevada!

You might recall I posted a feature on @january004 not to long ago in support of her tremendous efforts to help this kids out. She sought out to raise money for the cutest little girl named MEMPHIS. Needless to say it was such a success that January has decided to participate in the Las Vegas Half Marathon on December 4th, 2011.

Hopefully you watched the video enough & it has inspired you to GIVE BACK. I ask that you please help my girl, @january004, & support the CANDLELIGHTERS CHILDHOOD CANCER FOUNDATION – in Nevada. It ONLY takes a few moments to help change KID that is FIGHTING for their lives.., so CLICK the DONATE link NOW!!! You can be the LIGHT at the END of the tunnel for these kids…so please DONATE even if it’s just a few BUCKS, it’s better than NOTING!!!

If you donate $50 or more you will qualify to enter a raffle 2 win a hair package @ Kai Salon by @LexBaybee or a 1 hour massage from nowNzen (in Nevada). DONATE NOW!!! <<<< click to DONATE!!!

A message from January to all the sponsors that supported the last 5k run (see below).

Hello to my wonderful sponsors,

A BIG Thank you to all you wonderful Angels, as promised here is an update of our special day with sweet little Memphis. Our 5k race team, the day was a huge success!!!

  • STS Team Memphis had 38 participants on our race team and we raised $5,810!!
  • Candlelighters (the overall event) had 2400 race participants and raised more than $150,000 total!!

 The best part of it all was….

Memphis was healthy enough to attend the race with us, so instead of running the 5k I decided to walk with her and her family! This was truly one of the best moments of my life!

For those of you that wanted to see me run you’ll still have your chance I’ve decided to run a marathon on DEC 4th  to raise more money for Memphis. 

Thank you all again. I could not have done it without your support and faith! You helped some very special children


From ME to YOU…

Sometimes LIFE…may seem so difficult && virtually impossible to coupe…there are good days as there are bad days…we have UPS && we have DOWNS…but with each day we gain more wisdom to make better choices…we may even learn a new word to broaden our vocabulary…making communication that much easier…we are taught lessons every second, every minute, every hour, everyday…each time we think we have figured it all out…LIFE has something else in store, but like GOD it never gives us more than we can handle…more than we can chew, more than we can carry…the beauty of LIFE is that, IT, not only gives you the fundamentals to make it on a daily…but the techniques to survive for a LIFETIME…the hunger to make each meal 5 stars…the ambition to make the BEST from the WORST…we must embrace everyday && all of those that mean the most to US…be able to express our LOVE && our inner emotions…we need to REJOICE what we have && not ponder on what we don’t…LIFE is like a BREEZE all you have to do is allow yourself to be swept…BELIEVE in who you are; no matter what the circumstance maybe…what the scene is looking like or what the spectators are looking for…it’s YOU that LIFE manifests from…if there is a WILL there is a WAY…if you don’t BELIEVE you can’t expect someone else too…LIFE is what you make of IT!!!

Peace && Many Blessings…from my HEART to your EYES && EARS to listen…your HEART 2 thump too!!!

-veezy M baby (c) 2008

STS Runs for Memphis!!!

My girl January, ran for MEMPHIS a few weeks ago…more people need to be like JANUARY in this world!!!

We promised you an update of our special day with sweet little Memphis and our 5k race team, and thanks to our Team Captain (Terri) and Co-Captains (January Gonzales) and (Kristen Campbell) the day was a huge success!! Terri has prepared a short presentation for you to watch. We hope you enjoy. We would not have done it without your help. Thank you all for being angel’s. You helped some very special people.

  • STS Team Memphis had 38 participants on our race team and we raised $5,810!!
  • Candlelighters (the overall event) had 2400 race participants and raised more than $150,000 total!!

The best part of it all was….

Memphis was healthy enough to attend the race with us, so instead of running the 5k I decided to walk with her and her family! This was truly one of the best moments of my life!

For those of you that wanted to see me run you’ll still have your chance I’ve decided to run a marathon on DEC 4th  to raise more money for Memphis.  If you would like to donate again I would really appreciate it here is my link

Thank you all again. I could not have done it without your support and faith! You helped some very special children


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