My Shining Star aka Estrella

So I totally dropped the ball this year, here I am thinking that my girl’s Birthday is tomorrow, so I go up extra early to bring in bagels. Sent her boss a text early this morning, asking her to pick up some flowers & juice…since I knew I wouldn’t have time. Planned on writing this post tomorrow first thing in the MORNING, so I could’ve emailed the link to her, before she got to work. Because I figured she would be BUSY tomorrow, with lunch plans (as she always, has some ish to do!).

However, I F**KED up ROYALLY & mistook her Birthday (date) for our colleague’s…which so was NOT my intention. To say I am sorry, isn’t enough because my SHINNING STAR deserves more than that, I cannot begin to tell you, how many times she has been my shoulder to cry on, how many times she has listened to me…when she wanted to say “VEE SHUT THE F**K UP”, she is truly what her name means…a STAR!!!

If it wasn’t for work, I would have never met her. She has a very special kindred spirit, she is a hopeless romantic which makes the way she loves, that more precious. I feel like shit because I didn’t even send her a text, yea I know shit happens…but important dates like BIRTHDAYS to those that mean the most to you, should never be forgotten. I always say I am going to start using my CALENDAR (on my phone) but obviously…I have yet to actually do it.

I just hope that she can find it in her heart to forgive me & let me take her out to lunch. Tell her how AWESOME she is a trillion times over, until she says “SHIIIEET, YOU KNOW YOU’RE MY # 1 BITCH!”.

I love you more than you will ever know, my shining star. There were times these past 2 years, I know for a fact I wouldn’t of made if without you. I promise next year, I am camping outside your F***KING house, and knocking on your door at 12am screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!!

Even though I suck & forgot that it was on the 3rd & it’s not on the 6th…I hope you had an awesome day, I hope you were surrounded by tons of love, because MAMA you sure to do deserve it!!! I love you my shining STAR!!!


Some friendships last a lifetime,

These are the FRIENDS you don’t have to see everyday,

You don’t need to exchange words every other hour,

Just to know you are on their minds,

There’s NO expiration date until you expire from LIFE itself,

Some friendships are like SEASONS, they change for a REASON,

They can be our beach towel on the sand, our SPF to protect us from UVA rays,

They can be our umbrella when it rains,

They can be our scarf; when it’s cold outside,

But just like seasons come & go,

So does their purpose,

If it stops raining; you don’t need an umbrella,

If the sun stops beating down; there is no need to hit the beach and/or pool

If it’s not cold outside no need to bundle up,

So like seasons change, make sure to update your wardrobe accordingly,

There’s NEVER a reason to hold on, when you have been let go!!!

Just Because…Doesn’t Mean

Just because I may not call you everyday

Doesn’t mean I don’t miss our conversations

Just because I may not send you text messages and/or emails everyday

Doesn’t mean I don’t think of you

Just because I am not that friend I may have been 5 years ago (when life was less hectic)

Doesn’t mean my LOVE for you has lessened

Just because you don’t seem me physically like you used to

Doesn’t mean I am not there, I am always here for you

Just because I may not say “I MISS YOU” out loud

Doesn’t mean I don’t

Just because we are on different paths in our lives

Doesn’t mean we cannot find a middle ground

Just because we have said hurtful things to one another

Doesn’t mean we can’t forgive each other

Just because we have drifted a part

Doesn’t mean that we can never be close again

Just because I am who I am

Doesn’t mean you can’t be who you are

Just because I F**KED up

Doesn’t mean you haven’t either…

Because we are who we are, we have traveled many long roads as ONE. Somewhere along one of those paths, we went our own separate ways. We have GROWN UP & have GROWN APART but because who we are & what we have shared, I know we can find our way back AGAIN!!!

This is dedicated to anyone that has had ups & downs in “friendships”. TRUE FRIENDS will always go to battle for you, even when you feel like the WAR is over. -veezy M baby

Return of the Mack

This goes out to my HOMIES (15+ years in the making) (Kendra, Lindsay, Habit, Conchie, Abnormal, Benji, JoVaughn) this reminds me of the good old days, when life was EASY…when drinking MAD DOG & THUNDERBIRDS with grape flavored kool-aid was the BIDNESS…when DJ HABIT used to have our SUMMERS cracking, with house parties every weekend…He’d come with a full ENTOURAGE in tote, when he spun back in the day…ahhhh man I heard this on the RADIO this MORNING & had to write this up…just to let ya’ll know that no matter if I don’t see or talk to you guys everyday; the love I have runs deeper than any form of water…the memories that I have shared with ya’ll will never be forgotten…so here is too many more years!!! Damn theme days where working minimum wage CUT IT lmao!!!




I love this pic…excuse the green light on his face but it was his GENIUS idea to take the pic where we did…Buddha (Fligg) I am so PROUD of you, I cannot even begin to explain, just how much…you are my inspiration, I know that I don’t tell you that very often but you are, because no matter what you do even; when the ODDS are against you, you always come out on top…it might take a little longer sometimes than others, but you are such a GO GETTER you are most definitely the epitome of a DREAM COME TRUE…you have come so far in the past 2 years…it has been an honor to watch you flourish into the great man that you are, and I know in my hearts of hearts that SEDONA will be everything that you imagined and more…I know your Granma is smiling down on you everyday, as all of us that are here on earth…smile at you everyday as well, you are an amazing person…and I am so pleased and honored to call you my BEST FRIEND…you have been there for me, when I felt like I had nobody…I love you always and forever BOODZ!!!

J aka Mozz

I don’t even know where to BEGIN with you, there are NOT enough words to ever thank you for what you have done…you are an amazing FRIEND & I thank God for letting you into my life…you have shown me so much, I know that I don’t always say it or show it…but you mean more than you know to me, I don’t know where I would be without you at times, you have a heart of gold (precious)…you have a way about you, that is just so sweet in all regards…you LOVE hard just like I do & may be that’s why I am so fond of you…I know we bicker from time to time & want to smack each other upside the head…but at the end of the day it’s always love!!!

I know that I am NOT the easiest person to deal with, I know I am moody but you know that NO matter what…I will always have your back, through thick & thin…all I want for you in life is to be happy because that’s what you deserve…just like you tell me all the TIME, I deserve for someone to give me the WORLD & more…well my FRIEND you do too, you are genuine & sincere with your emotions…something MOST men find hard to do, but with you it comes so natural…and between me & you (well now everybody that is reading this) you don’t NEED to do EXTRAS…anyone can see what a TRUE SOUL you are & if they can’t see the beauty I see in you, then FA GET ‘BOUT ‘EM (in my ITALIAN voice)…always remember your an EAGLE!!!

I love you to the heavens & back…you have me choked up writing this blog right now…because NO ONE knows just how much you have been there for me…even when I have pushed you away, you refused to stay away…when I was mad, you made it a point to prove to me just how much you care…I really cannot say I have ever had anyone do that for me…and you’re right I loved my BEAR lol!!! I don’t think I ever admitted that to you, because you probably would have said “SEE I TOLD YOU, HONEY” haha!!! I am not the greatest with expressing myself vocally (unless I am PISSED); so I had to take this time to tell you that I APPRECIATE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I ADORE YOU, I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU, I AM BEYOND THANKFUL TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE, I AM HONORED TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND, YOU ARE MY FAMILY ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!


Just Different…

I feel like I am being TESTED…I know I have either posted this on Twitter or Facebook a million times by now, but I just can’t keep letting this eat me inside…so I decided to write about it…I won’t get into details as it’s NO ONE’S business…but I do want to express to everyone, when you come across a PERSON that is genuine; you should never take it for granted…yes I know easier said then DONE but in the past couple of weeks…

I feel that my GENUINE ways have become somewhat a downfall, a flaw of my character if you will…they say that you should TREAT others the way you want to be treated; but in actuality it’s a FALSE statement…because people are DIFFERENT it’s not a BAD or GOOD thing, they are just DIFFERENT…so if someone isn’t from the same CLOTH as you, you CANNOT expect that person to treat you the same as you would do them…does this mean they are ignorant not at all, it just means they are DIFFERENT…

We all handle LIFE in our own ways, some workout, some write (like ME), some sing, some cook, some dance, some cry, some yell, some do absolutely nothing; they just hold it all in…there is NO wrong/right, there is NO fault…it’s just the way people were made up, they are DIFFERENT…being DIFFERENT is what makes this world so unique, no two people are exactly alike, not everyone will share your same thoughts, views, inspirations, or see your ambition…the challenge is accepting the DIFFERENCE in the people that you encounter…as for ME, it’s hard to let it go because I don’t open my SOUL to many people…

It’s made me accept the things that I cannot change, but it has given me the WILL to better myself…in all honesty in away it has made me VALUE my capabilities for loving  & caring…something that I thought I had given up on, it had been so long since I had done so (open up)…unfortunately it was wrong timing, but at the end of the day…I am still standing, one moment of weakness cannot take a LIFETIME of molding myself into an exceptional WOMAN away…just means that I need not to LOOK!!!

“When you LOOK is when you FIND what you WANT, it’s WHAT you WANT that will find YOU!” -veezy

Couldn't of said BETTER myself!!!

Dedicated to Bad Friends

I am sure we have all encountered BAD FRIENDS…we have all given someone the benefit of the DOUBT…I am sure most of us have GIVEN too much & got NOTHING in return…I know at time it’s more BITTER than SWEET…but NO matter what you SHOULD never change who you are, because of ONE’S wrong doings…it’s OKAY to be unappreciated at times, for when the TIMES comes that you are appreciated for WHO you are & NOT what you can do…is the DAY/TIME you will realize who really has YOUR BACK…if you have been LET down, LET it go…learn to FORGIVE, you may NOT FORGET but FORGIVING is the 1st step to FREEING YOUR SOUL, and RIDING your LIFE of one LESS SUCKER!!! here are some QUOTES I found feel free to CUT & PASTE.. send them (whoever it is) a F**K-U-GRAM ahahaha

“A friend in need is a friend to be avoided.”

When I needed you most when I needed a friend, you let me down”

“These people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet.

“There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me … We spend our lives doing nothing for each other.

“False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.

“I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.

Where I’m ABOUT to GO

I went from loving you to wondering how I ever loved you
I went from liking you to disliking you
I went from trusting you to doubting ever word you mutter
I went from caring about you to not giving a f**k about you
I went from wanting you to disposing of you
I went from tearing down my wall for you to building a fort to keep you out
I went from being nice to you to being mean to you
I went from happy w/ you to being angry for dealing w/ you
I went from here w/ you to there w/o you just to rid memories of you
I went from appreciating you to not seeing why I was ever thankful for you
But it’s not where I “WENT” it’s about “WHERE I’m ABOUT TO GO”


-veezy m baby

The GOOD Life

this weekend was a BLAST to say the least…we tried something NEW & definitely something DIFFERENT!!! I would have to say, it was an impressive weekend, from wine tasting, to STEP UP @ The Federal Bar in NoHo!!! HaHa!!! Entertained doesn’t even begin to describe the dancing madness in that PLACE!!!

We went wine tasting at MALIBU WINES, such a beautiful place…the wine tasting menus run from $10-$12 (you get to taste 4 different wines) and the bottles are very reasonable. You can pack a picnic, some blankets & chill out…we heard that at nights it’s absolutely beautiful looks like Little Italy, when it’s all light up!!! Cannot wait until we go back, for a night of fun!!!

When we left there we went to M Cafe (Malibu Cafe) which was just up the street…this place made me feel like were in the HAMPTONS enjoying the perfect summer weather…it’s a absolutely marvelous!!! it has a huge lawn, you can play pool, chill out on the lounge chairs, enjoy some drinks & food in the gazebos…great place to go with the family or your friends to just chill out!!! It’s not pricey at all, you would think since it’s MALIBU it would be but NOT at all!!!

We ended our NIGHT at The Federal Bar…Glo, Kendra, Donna, Ella, Erick, Ryan, Eric, Joe & Me…the place is DOPE, I was pretty impressed with this place especially because it’s in NORTH HOLLYWOOD…I hear the MUSIC is poppin on Friday nights, so we will have to go back & check it out…the drinks are CHEAP too (cran & goose $9)…the DJ sucked LOL!!! but then again it wasn’t exactly our crowd on a Saturday night but we still had a blast…it’s some ol STEP UP ish going on in there, dance battles & shit!!! good times, super LOADED!!!

Malibu Wines
The Malibu Cafe
The Federal Bar

That PIMP shit!!!

The BDAY Girl

Cheers HUSSY!!!

Who YOU Gonna CALL???

Wine Tasting


Me & Boo

FUCK YOU!!! lol

Malibu Cafe

I LOVE her!!!

BOMB only $10

Crab...pretty GOOD


Ha she was CRUNK!!!

they are SHORTS!!! lmao

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