Young ChefAs a parent I am BURNED out on party planning. My son turns 8 this year & I have finally decided to do something low key for once. In the past years I’ve planned everything from a carnival themed party to a safari themed party. I am over spending too much money, creating party favors that will get thrown away & invitations that get tossed in the trash!

I was recently hired to cater/create an EGG BAR (made to order) themed menu for a baby shower. A couple of little girls asked me if they could crack the eggs & help me out. As they were helping me one of the little girls asked me if I would do her birthday party. She wanted to invite her friends over & have them cook with me…I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

So I decided to launch a website catered to LITTLE CHEF PARTIES for kids! I created a couple menu/cooking themed packages to teach little chefs, quick & fun recipes they can practice/make at home with their parents. What better way to express my creative outlet & love for kids. As a certified chef for over 10 years, I love teaching people tricks of the trade. Why not start them young?

Please note the menus can be altered for allergic and/or dietary needs (additional costs may apply). If you have a theme, I can create a menu/cooking theme accordingly. I also offer personalized party favors and/or invitations, I am your one stop shop! As a parent I totally understand staying within a budget & not wanting to over spend.

For additional information on the packages go to


How Much Can One Really Handle?

This week has been an extremely emotional one for me & it’s far from over. I got word that my Uncle Alex passed away on Tuesday morning & I just received an email a little bit ago informing me that my friend’s father had to have his leg amputated. Not only did he have to suffer through that but it seems like there is some sort of toxin attacking his stomach & had to go into surgery a little over an hour ago.

I am usually the stronger person of the bunch, but this week is a week that I wish I could be weak. I don’t want to be strong, I don’t want to be the ear that listens, I don’t want to be the shoulder that is cried on, I just want to be the weak link just for once. It’s not always easy being strong, because in moments like this we strong ones need to be able to feel vulnerable.

I have prayed for strength for my friends/family/loved ones that have either suffered the loss of a loved one and/or those that are facing tremendous medical issues. I am a true believer that the good Lord doesn’t ever give us more than we can handle.

Even though in the midst of turmoil it may seem like what we are facing dead on is never ending. There is always light, when things are dark. The task at hand is not losing focus of the light that is yet to be shed. In the darkest moment, you shall always shine…where there is a will there is always a way.

Dear, Dad “I Forgive You”

To my readers I usually don’t get this personal or shall say I haven’t in awhile but I felt the need to express a very dark place in my LIFE…this by NO means is for anyone to feel pity for me but I wanted to share my thoughts because I know someone out there has felt the same pain I have…behind my DAD not being around. As a parent, I cannot understand how a MOTHER/FATHER doesn’t love their child(ren) unconditionally.

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to let you know that I forgive you, this has taken me 28 years to write/type/put into words; but I figure since we are going into a new year…there are some demons I need to rid from my closet. Before I go on, I want you to know that I am no longer angry with you, nor do I feel any type of resentment. I hope wherever you are & if you ever see this blog/letter/post that you are in better spirits from the last time we spoke.

If you can recall our last conversation was not so pleasant but it’s OK I forgive you. I will always love you, you are my biological father but that’s about where it starts/ends. Bare in mind this is 28 years of pent-up feelings, that I have never felt should be released up until now. Let alone share with whomever might catch this blog/letter/post; but I figure there are more people out there like me that feel the same towards their father.

For so long I have held back what I have wanted to say to you, back in 2003 we had a blow out. Even then, when I was face to face with you I didn’t have enough courage to tell you exactly how I felt. Now that I am older & a parent myself I can express with no remorse what a DAMN DISAPPOINTMENT YOU TRULY ARE.

I never understood how you couldn’t love me unconditionally, how you only came around when things between you & my mother were good. I thought it was my fault for so long, that it was me that pushed you away & made you stop loving my MOM. I know now that it was you; it was the person you had become through your alcohol & drug use. It was never ME & most definitely wasn’t my MOM!

I will never in my life get why you couldn’t do for me like you did you other kids, but it’s OK because what you lacked in I made up for as I got older. The love you didn’t give me, I have gained through my son. The unconditional emotions I so much needed from you, I no longer need & to be honest I have come to find that I never did. You did me a favor by not being around, you made me unbreakable — from time to time I get dinged but never broken!

When you left, God reminded me that I had my two brothers to love me the way I needed to be loved. They taught me what it a REAL MAN was made up of; they are my backbone when I feel weak.  Without my two brothers, my life would have turned out so much different. I would not be the woman I have turned out to be, so I guess you can take this as a THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for not being around, because if you would’ve have stayed I probably would have ended up a bitter person in all aspects of LIFE. As they say MISERY loves COMPANY & fortunate enough for me I don’t desire that type of COMPANY. I pray for your soul, I pray for you overall may God continue to soften your heart.

“I Forgive You”

For not loving me unconditionally

For not being there willingly

For not supporting my decisions

For not giving me any type of motivation in life

For not doing much but being a sperm donor

For not ever telling me how much I mean to you

For not showing me how much you care

For not calling me when you should have

For not tell me you missed me

For not being a FATHER when I needed one

For not fighting for me, & giving up on me

For not being a part of my life, when all I wanted was to be loved unconditionally

I forgive you for not being perfect…

P.S. to my brothers (Hector & Marlon) I love you more than you two will ever know, thank you for helping MOM raise me!!!

Happy Father’s Day

I am not to fond of this day for many reasons…the biggest reason is because I can’t be thankful to my son’s father for being a DAD…so sad how shit works out in life, sometimes it’s within our control & other times we have NO control whatsoever…I want to thank my AMAZING BROTHERS for taking the place of 1 Father & loving me dually!!! To my PAPI I love you & miss you so very much, may you be RESTING IN PEACE…to my BIOLOGICAL father I forgive you for NOT loving my unconditional…I can’t say I wish you a happy day to day, but at least I acknowledged you in this BLOG…to those DEAD BEATS that just don’t care enough I will continue to pray for your SOUL…no matter what your child(ren) aren’t to blame for your MISTAKES & the choices you MADE…it’s still your BLOOD running through their veins…so I pray that GOD softens your heart & you get it together…because every KID deserves the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from both parents NOT just one!!!

Last but NOT least to all the MEN that are there for their child(ren), to the MEN that understand that having a child is a sacrifice & not an every other weekend type job…to those that would GIVE their last for their child(ren)…YOU are the men that deserve to feel special NOT just today but everyday…to men like my BROTHERS (Hector, Marlon, Benny & Quincy) & all the other MEN I am blessed to have in my life…that give me HOPE that one day my SON will feel that LOVE…I take my hat off to you MEN & I admire each and every one of you!!!

I commend you MEN because as a SINGLE MOTHER, I truly appreciate any man that does for his child(ren)…may your day be filled with lots of love!!! Your child(ren) are lucky to have you!!!

You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

This day will always be so SPECIAL, for this day you were brought into this world…if you hadn’t blessed this UNIVERSE with your presence I would have NEVER existed…I love you more than the deepest ocean, the highest mountain, the furthest star, you are my EVERYTHING, you are my HEART, you are my SOUL…I thank you for raising me the way you did, I am just as strong & mighty as you…you are my INSPIRATION, I hope that this day is filled with lots of LOVE!!!

I thank you for teaching me to be UNCONDITIONAL in all that I do, I couldn’t have asked for a better LIFE COACH…you have taught us that NO matter what we are supposed to STICK together, whether it’s light sprinkles or a storm…our LOVE has always brought us through the most wrecking MOMENTS one can have…the BOND that you have built is unbreakable & that my DEAR MOTHER…is something that NOT everybody has been instilled, so I thank you for raising us to be HUMBLE, LOYAL, LOVING & most of all a FAMILY that can never be DEMOLISHED!!!

Happy BIRTHDAY to the best MOTHER on this PLANET!!!

I Get IT From My MAMA!!!

06/02/11 a dedication to my NIECE (N. Marrache)

I remember when you were born & how I thought you took my place LOL!!!

before you, there was really only ME that your DAD would spoil,

but I wouldn’t have changed you being conceived for anything in the world,

from the MOMENT we all saw you,

you brought our FAMILY even more love,

I remember your fat little cheeks & curly hair,

You looked like a little porcelain doll,

to think that tomorrow you will be graduating from HS,

makes me wish you were still that little girl,


I am so proud of you & all of your accomplishments through your HS years,

You are an amazing SOUL, and don’t you ever change that for ANYTHING or ANYBODY,

tomorrow will mark a significant change in your life for the rest of your life,

I know that you are scared, excited all in ONE

but you CONQUER anything & everything so I know in DUE TIME,

the anxiety you MAY feel will subside,

COLLEGE will just be a stepping STONE to GREATNESS,


you have flourished into a fine young lady,

with such a KNACK for writing (think you GET it from ME),

you have such a sweet smile & fragile heart (that I will always TRY to protect),

writing this to you, brings me tears but they stem from joy,

I cannot begin to tell you what you mean to me and/or how much I love you,

I know I may not be around the corner but I am always here for you NO matter what time, or what day…if you NEED me just call on ME,

I hope that you will BLOSSOM even more in college & get to experience everything I didn’t,

I love you, I adore you, I am so very PROUD & I am honored to be your TITI “TEE TEE”!!!

Convos with a 6yr old

Me: so does M******a (girl in my son’s class) still want to marry you or is she over you already?

My son: no I think she is over me, besides I have a girlfriend

Me: what-t-t-t a girlfriend??? ummm who is she???

My son: I’m NOT telling you, no SERIOUSLY *throws his hands up* you will ground me for a 100 days are you kidding me!!!

Me: I will ground you for a 100 days if you don’t tell me who she is

My son: her name is T*******a

Me: and how long have you been going out???

My son: like two weeks, yea just two weeks

Me: so what do you hold hands

My son: well I don’t know what happen, she used to be nice to me but now she is mean and wants to kill me

Me: why, what did you do???

My son: NOTHING…I mean I know boys an be slow but I didn’t do anything

Me: what do you mean boys can be slow???

My son: you know we don’t get girls

LMAO!!! this is my 6 year old son, talking!!! too much


The day my LIFE changed forever, the day I became a MOTHER to most precious SON ever! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love you BOOGA BOOGA…I am so very happy you enjoyed your 6th BDAY…you have so much love around you at all times!!! I promise to always be your biggest supporter, I promise to always listen when you need to talk, I promise to always LOVE you unconditionally, I promise when the ODDS are against you, you will always COME out on top, I promise that you will forever be #1 in MY HEART, I promise to be the rock you need when your foundation is weak…you will always by my BABY BOY!!!


I don’t know if there are enough words in the English dictionary to describe what you mean to me!

You are my LIGHT on my DARKEST day

You are my SMILE on my SADDEST day

You are my STRENGTH on my WEAKEST day

You are my LOVE the days I HATE

You are my AIR on the days I feel I am gasping

You are my SHIELD when I need protection

You are my HEART when I feel empty

You are my EVERYTHING when I feel as if I have nothing

You are my GENTLENESS when I am harsh

You are my REASON behind my madness

You are the MOST precious gift outside of my son, that God has ever blessed me with

You are the EPITOME of what a WOMAN should be

You are an EXEMPLARY showcase of a MOTHER

I thank you for all that you do and/or have done

If it wasn’t for you and the way you raised me, I wouldn’t be the WOMAN and MOTHER I am today

I know that I don’t always tell you that I LOVE YOU, or should I say as often as I should

I know that I am not the most affectionate & I thank God that Jonovan is because he expresses everything I don’t

I adore you and couldn’t have been given a better MOTHER, I know that it has been a BUMPY road for you but you made it through the storms MOM…you raised 4 wonderful kids & have given us the FOUNDATION to raise our CHILDREN, you have passed on to all of us what the true MEANING of FAMILY is, what the MEANING behind sacrifices are; but most IMPORTANTLY you have taught us to stick together NO MATTER what we may face as a WHOLE or as INDIVIDUALS, you have BUILT an ARMY not just a FAMILY…you DID it on YOUR own and that my PRECIOUS Mother is commendable beyond infinity

I thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul, for being who you are & never changing even when the ODDS were against you!!! I love you MOMMY…I love you 14!!!

I’m NOT in it ALONE…

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have had in a LONG time, for the first time in what seems ages I felt weak, I felt as if my backbone was a cookie crumbling…I felt as if my back was against the wall, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, every time I thought about what I needed to do, how I was going to do, if I could even do it…my heart would grow heavier and heavier…

It started with me forgetting my son’s project that was due yesterday…I know it may not seem like a BIG deal but I am a ONE WOMAN TEAM and I feel that I can’t afford to make mistakes like that, I had such an awful ache in my heart & soul…good news is that I made up for it and finished it (stayed up until 1220am but my BABY was so happy)!!!

As the day progressed I felt better but there was still something that was weighing my spirits and I couldn’t put my finger on it until I received a call from my Mom. She told me that my son had spoken to his dad and that he told him “Mommy loves you with all her heart & miss you very much”…okay 1 LMAO 2 LMAO 3 umm yea NO…this made me chuckle & reminded me how innocent & pure a child’s love is…it made me realize that WE (his father & I ) had to really get it together…because we have been so hard-headed, stubborn & not willing to change it has effected our son for the past (almost) 6 years…and that made me feel like a FAILURE of all FAILURES, what kind of parents deny their child from both parents LOVE??? I refuse to play the game (TIT FOR TAT) and not be able to move past our turmoil, turmoil that has robbed our son of having his dad around, every kid deserves to feel loved by the two people who made him/her.

I picked up the phone and called my son’s father, something that in the past 5 years usually stems in an argument but this time it was calm & serene…a feeling that we haven’t shared in over 5 years, we had a heart to heart &came to an agreement to close and move past our issues & start writing a chapter together as parents…if you would have asked me 1 month ago if this would ever be possible I would say NO, but through prayer and FAITH I believe anything is possible and never IMPOSSIBLE

The only piece to my life that is faulty is the parenting aspect that I have yet to explore as a team and not just myself…the relief I felt after hanging up is one that I am sure most parents feel when working as a team, the sense of knowing that you are not in it ALONE is awesome…I look forward to building as parents, the repair between us is to damaged (too much BAD blood) but as PARENTS we have yet to conquer the world…(won’t DISCLOSE his NAME) but I will forever have a special place in my heart for you,  and will always have LOVE for you no matter what, you helped create the most amazing GIFT I could have ever been blessed with, here is to a new future…here is to our SON!!!

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