Who is Sxyvee?

I am in my 30’s and to say the least I have had my share of mishaps, wrong doings, obstacles, trials & tribulations but I wouldn’t change a MOMENT of my LIFE if it meant I wouldn’t end up being who I am today…a great deal of who I am I owe to the strongest woman I know MY MOTHER, she is the epitome of what a MOTHER should be…she is the most caring and giving person I have ever encountered. My SON is my heart, my soul and the air that I breathe he has made me a better person…MYSELF well I am a book within a book and chapters and chapters of re-writes, screen plays that have been edited time and time again…but  I have made it THUS far and I never thought I could, I will share with you my most intimate thoughts…hopefully my insight will be your light!!!

UPDATE: Since I have been blogging, it has turned into something I never expected. I have found myself supporting INDIE ARTIST/UP COMING ARTIST by showing love & posting their music on my blog…so if you would like to be featured shoot me and email sxyvee@gmail.com but you MUST BE FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER @sxyvee


15 thoughts on “Who is Sxyvee?

    • Tara…I was thinking about you…JJ even asked about you a couple of weeks ago, he wondered what had happened to you!!! I don’t have your new # and I changed mine…hopefully you still have the same email & thank you for your kids words!!! miss ya woman

      • I miss you and JJ even more! You’re an amazing woman and I’m glad life is treating you well. I’ll email you my number!!

  1. Damn my dear, you are very sexy and yes you are thicka than a snicka. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll even be on the site one day. Rick Heffner.

  2. Hey what’s going on my name is Alvie. I was checking out your blog and I think what you got going on is dope. I was curious to know if I could submit my material to you maybe as a future post or even as something for your ears? I just release a mixtape entitled “Alvie’s Playhouse you can check it out here http://limelinx.com/files/2383247fddc92d438bd61dd6276ef077 or get a little pre view here http://vimeo.com/26180177 Thanks for your time …. Alvie the Skywalker

  3. Congrats on your amazing blog. I am so happy for you!! Your such an amazing mom to JJ and a great daughter and friend 🙂 THE BEST COOK AS WELL xoxo love you and hopefully we can hang soon.

  4. OMG I see you really doing ya thang!…Im happy for you and hope all ya wishes come true…you will always be my number 1 GOON BABEZ…GOODLUCK WITH THE WEBSITE AND HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE =)

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