NBA Top Draft Pick BUSTED

Awww snap another HOE trying to get paid…this HEFFA I tell you, one thing I can’t stand is a n UGLY B**CH plastered in MAKE UP that thinks she looks GOOD…GTFOH

Kyrie Irving’s NCAA basketball season may now be over following Duke’s loss to Arizona last night in their Sweet 16 match-up, but it appears as though he wont be exiting the spotlight just yet.

Reports from BlackSportsOnline are indicating that the freshman guard may be involved in a scandal with a female known as Miss Hawaii.  In addition to filing two police reports for harassment, Miss Hawaii (@MissHawaii) has also claimed to be in possession of a video of Irving masturbating on camera for her.

New pieces of information have since been revealed, including the belief that Miss Hawaii is a prostitute from the Bronx, and that she is actually the one harassing and stalking Irving.  She may even be responsible for creating a fake Twitter account, @dukelvr1989 (it has since been deactivated), which sent the Duke star racial and abusive tweets regarding himself, his sister, and his deceased mother.

There is no telling what will happen next in this saga.  Hopefully this is simply a case of a low-life trying to earn their 15 minutes of fame by taking advantage of a teenage star through the use of social media.  If that is in fact the case, I would also hope to see that low-life punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Earlier in March Miss Hawaii tweeted:

i mean this is just the beginning too dude, i have video of him masturbating on camera i mean if you want to keep f&^%$n with me, let’s go number one draft pick masturbating on camera?? hmm not




SHE IS POPPIN OFF ON HIM…HAHA but BOO BOO your LAME for even doing this VIDEO

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